Friday, November 8, 2013

Four Late Takes



         TGIF!!! For some reason, not sure why, this past week has felt like the week that would just never end. Having a sick little baby has probably intensified this " never ending" feeling. Almost every night I have "risen" with the children and gone to sleep with the children, or at least the baby. 
   I have a pork roast simmering in the crockpot, almost ready to be turned into pulled pork sandwiches. Haven't gone the pulled pork route in a while, fingers are crossed that the kids will come to the table with an open mind. Pork is a once in a "great" while kind of meal in our home. This is mainly due to the fact that we just don't have enough people to eat it within the safe time for pork. And Jay isn't that big of a leftover appreciater in the first place, which can leave me with sometimes 3 lbs. + of pork to eat or throw away. 

    My generous in-laws sent us, or rather ordered for us a brand new 50" flat screen tv. The new tv is actually a "smart" tv; I didn't even know what a smart tv was before it came. And I have to say, it is really a step up from our old tv, I never new tv could be so clear! It's almost too clear, it kind of makes shows look like a three D home video. Right on the remote to our smart tv is a button that says Netflix, and with just one click Netflix is on the big screen! No more sitting in uncomfortable chairs in front of a tiny computer screen. Now when I give in to my inner couch potato laziness,(I do nurse some,not completely lazy;) I can sit back and enjoy a good Netflix series.


    Today I experienced what it feels like to stop traffic. Only instead of my looks stopping the traffic, haha that's a funny thought, it was my screaming like a mad hatter son. You see on Fridays I walk to pick Bella up from school, which means I take Lucy and Jason as well. I usually put Lucy in the front carrier and Jason rides in the stroller, only today my front carrier was in Fort Myers with Jay. (Because I left it in the car) Soooooo, I put Lucy in the stroller and had Jason walk to the school. It worked out fine on the way there, but the way back was pure he**. Jason ran from me, I struggled to catch him threatening all sorts of punishments, but he did not all. When I finally grabbed him I clutched him with my left arm while I pushed the stroller with the right, all the while he was wiggling squirming and screaming....That was the point that I realized a car had graciously stopped to let our circus act cross the road. And there was a man that looked like one of the Law school staff staring in at us with a petrified look, he actually waited until we had completely crossed the road before he set a toenail onto the pavement. What a scene. And yes, I was embarrassed.

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