Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Five Favorites

 Publix had a sale on blueberries last week that I couldn't pass up, so I bought two small containers and promised myself I'd make sure none would go to waste.
  After three mornings of blueberry pancakes, and sprinkling them on any and all cereal, I've kept that promise.

     Two years ago, I bought myself an early Mother's Day gift (that's how I justified it) Juice Beauty Daily Essentials moisturizer. 
  I use it sparingly, mostly around my eyes where I know needs it most, and It always leaves my skin feeling fresh, soft and never greasy. Our skin types can vary, so I realize what works for me may not work for the next person, but if you have a more oily skin type I'd recommend this product. The price does put a damper on it, so once mine runs out I will be making up with Oil of Olay....

  I was given a pandora bracelet from my in-laws, and it has quickly become my favorite piece second only to my engagement ring. I find it makes me feel like I've accessorized even though it's just one bracelet. 
 The above picture is not of my particular bracelet, but it gives you the idea. Mine has three charms, representing each of my three babies. In the future when something monumental or special happens, I hope to add more charms( hint hint Jay). Gift giving has always been kind of funny with Jay and I, 
we've both had our fair share of "epic fail" gifts, where the only thing that counted was the thought.


      I know I'm one of many on this one, but I'll add it anyway, the movie It's a Wonderful Life. 
 I don't think this will ever stop being one of my favorite movies. The story line is great, the characters are so memorable and the moral is the best part! Mary is the epitome of a feminine loving wife, with out treading too far into the over submissive skittish territory. The movie has always been more than a Christmas story to me, because I've always romanticised about the love story between George and Mary along with how they lived in a big old house and had all their children. While some girls dreamt about marrying famous singers or movie stars, I was dreaming of marrying George Bailey. And in my own way I did marry my George Bailey! The old Victorian house and numerous(actually only four in the movie)children we're still working on.


     Chocolate chip cookie bars are the perfect solution when you're craving a cookie but don't have much time. By making the bar version, you cut out most of the tedious work of dropping the right amount of dough, and timing each batch. Not to mention they are absolutely scrumptious. Seriously, I could live on them....
Need I say more?? Didn't think so:) For more favorites head on over toMoxie Wife!


  1. I love "It's A Wonderful Life"-- it's one of those movies that I can't NOT watch it when I catch it on TV. Love cookie bars too..... now I need to bake! Thanks for a fun list!

  2. I love, love, love that movie! I think they're making a squeal...not sure how I feel about that though.


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