Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A November Christmas party...

 Thursday evening after Jay left for class, I decided to take the kids out to play in a nearby little field. They love running and playing in the field because it's all soft grass, and I enjoy sitting with Lucy on a blanket watching them play.

 The field may look familiar to any of my Ave friends, it's the same field right next to what use to be the Ark. (The Ark has been renamed:( ) On our walk home one of the law student neighbors asked if we would be attending the dinner function by the pool on the following day, "um, what dinner?..." Apparently Jay has really been forgetful lately. The neighbor went on to tell me vaguely that it was some sort of dinner to be held for all the students and their family's, and it would start at 6:00.  "Sure," I said, "Sounds fun."Lucky thing I ran into the neighbor! I would have never known! When Jay got home from class I gave him a wife lecture on how he has to remember to tell me about these functions and house checks. Poor guy, he's only a full time law-student, juggling an internship, moot court team, father of three and a husband, and I understand his plate is overflowing. But I still need to know about what's going on, so I can avoid situations like having the house a mess for house check, or staring blank faced when the neighbor asks if we will be attending a function. I say he's forgetful, but I can be just as bad, I literally had to write "6:00" on my hand in attempt not to forget. Only difference is I have three pregnancies that I blame my memory loss on!

  Friday promised to be a great day for three different reasons, last day of school for the week for Bella, Jay's last day of his Fort Myers internship, and a free dinner for the whole family. We rarely go out to dinner, so any meal that I don't have to prepare myself is a reason to be excited. 

  I had planned to wear jeans and a nice top, but I realized too late my jeans were still in the laundry. Black pants it is then! I showered, put on a small amount of makeup got dressed, and dressed all the kids. We on a whole looked nice, but in no means were dressed up or anything. Since we live on campus, all we had to do was walk out our door and cross the street to get to where the setup for the dinner was being held. Upon arriving, I noticed the out door tables had Christmas decorations on them...the kids also quickly pointed out Christmas lights strung up in various places. But it's only November, certainly this isn't a....yup, it's a CHRISTMAS PARTY! I think it was the guy in the Santa hat that did it for me, no more wondering, this is a Christmas party, in November, before Thanksgiving, by a pool, and we aren't dressed up. So glad I didn't wear the jeans! At first I felt slightly embarrassed and was tempted to retreat back to our house and change, but then I reminded myself,"I'm the only one who cares."

 The party lacked a certain vital Christmas party feel. Reasons why, well it's November...and we were sipping drinks by a pool eating paella and Italian ices. But aside from that,we had fun. Jay introduced me to some of his fellow law students, and I even got to chat with some other wives of law students. And I must say, the cookies were worth the whole experience...chocolate chunk, my favorite. Bella and Jason had a blast running around with other kids and playing on the stage they had set up for karaoke. Only negative aspect for the kids was the disappointment of not getting to swim in the pool, they must have asked 100 times why there was a pool if we can't swim in it. 

  After the party I felt a little sentimental; I'm usually so focused on law school ending that I don't often just stop and appreciate our time now. Because even with all the hardships that come with a "family" going to law school, I am so thankful that we had this opportunity, we are truly blessed.


  1. Yes...those November Christmas parties were something! Those were always fun. I miss living on campus...weh ad some really good times and great neighbors!

  2. Yes...those November Christmas parties were something! Those were always fun. I miss living on campus...weh ad some really good times and great neighbors!

  3. What is piaya??
    I honestly have no idea how married law students do it. I barely held it together and it was just me and my dog! how I graduated, I'll never know. Special prayers for your husband!!

  4. Thank you, we appreciate all prayers! Piaya is a rice dish that has either sausage and chicken(like one we had) or sometimes seafood. I think it's Spanish, not sure?

    1. Ooooh paella!! Pronounced pie-ay-uh, yes?? Yes it's Spanish! I wasn't sure if you were talking about that or if it was something different. Yummy!

    2. yes paella! I wasn't sure on the spelling and quickly google searched...I wonder why I found Piaya?? Weird!


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