Monday, November 11, 2013

A few changes

  Today as I sat clipping my daughters finger nails I began to think about a small preference that has changed for me, finger nail length.  I know this is so unimportant and trivial but it got me thinking and I began to comprise in my head a list of things that have "changed" preference wise.

 I have now joined the short nail camp, as well as the "French" rather than bright sparkly look. I used 
to love the longer nails of all different colors, and would always go red or bright pink no matter the occasion. But having babies has really helped push me toward the short nail camp, out of practicality as well as accidental scratching once in a while. I also feel that it's much cleaner and I plain out have much bigger things to tend to than long finger nails. Just for the record, I was never this crazy...

 Do people even do this?? How could they even function with theses nail contraptions??! So so weird. 

 Number two thing that has changed is my new attitude that "less" is more. This attitude I have seen 
slowly creep into my way of thinking through time and experience. And I see the change in all different areas, from make up,to the kitchen, less is more has really helped me make great strides. In my younger years I owned many different shades of eye shadow, I would choose day by day which I 
felt inspired to wear. Often times I would match my eye shadow to my clothing...Now I own two, my Sunday eye-shadow and my special occasion eye-shadow, and I love the simplicity of not making a 
decision of when to wear what color! 
 In the kitchen I've learned that I don't need tons and tons of food and snacks to well stock my pantry 
and fridge. Overstocking almost always leads to a sticky fridge, waste and lost food. Instead I try to 
always be stocked with our main staples, milk, eggs, bread, cereal and dinner items. The less is more comes in with the other stuff, like salad dressings, marinades, and other items that may have an 
extended stay in my fridge. Unless I'm certain we will use it I'm not brining it in my house, "Aunt 
Mable's Old Fashioned Marmalade Dressing" may sound delish but I don't have the time for stuff we may not use. A certain you tube clip comes to mind.

  My idea of presentable hair has certainly calmed down a bit through the years. This is a big one, I'm 
embarrassed by all the hair phases and colors I've experimented with in the past. To think of all the money I wasted, shame, shame, shame. I now sport the all "natural" look, no dye, no highlights just 
my plain old original color. And for the first time I love it! Learned to love it right about the time I'm due to start finding some gray hairs:/ Can we say "Ironic?" Not only have I stopped the dyes and 
chemicals I have also cut about 75% of the time I used to spend styling my hair. Rarely do I ever blow dry or straighten, and my hair is so much softer for the fact! So all in all I am quite satisfied 
where I am at the moment with my mouse brown tresses. That being said I've had the "bob bug" for a while and haven't been able to shake know what that means!

 The list really goes on and on but I'll just touch on one more small change. The last change or "preference" is how I choose to "view" the way I spend my down or "leisure" time. For so long I criticized myself for not going out more often, not making the most of public events and gatherings. Recently however I read a wonderful blog post by Jennifer Fulwiler and it really hit home for me! I don't have much time to use on just me and my interests, so when I do it's "ok" if all I'm doing is relaxing in a way that I enjoy. Even if it's not the most exciting activity, there's no need to be ashamed because if its not relaxing why do I do it to relax???

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  1. What a neat idea to look back at the little changes that sometimes occur without even our noticing. Hmm… Most of the changes in my life happened intentionally (because I worked on them) or unintentionally (but were forced upon me.) I'm going to have to take some time and think about the little things that changed along the way...


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