Wednesday, November 13, 2013

5 Favorites

   Linking up for the first time for Five Favorites! First favorite is going to be this meal I made last night!

 Home-made mac-n-cheese with loaded nachos! Worth every comfort filled calorie!:) Best of all, everyone was happy, and no one left the table hungry. Nachos were my own blend of taco meat, cheese, tomato's, lettuce, sour cream, guacamole, sliced jalapeños and sliced olives...yumm. The mac-n-cheese was the wonderful Pioneer Woman's recipe, can't ever go wrong with her! 

   This jean-shirt/maxi-skirt combo inspiration:
 I've done my best to "interpret" the look with items from my closet only. And for the most part I think I pulled it off! This look is comfortable, cool or warm, and is very stylish for a mama on the go.

    Baby girls in dresses! I just love, love, love, baby girls in almost any and all dresses out there. 

 You see the way I look at it is, dresses are only appropriate for our little girls to wear, so dress them up why you can! You have plenty of time to dress little boys in pants, but only the time with your girls to make use of all the adorable dresses you may have. Another benefit of dressing small babies in dresses is that it helps prevent random people from calling your "her" a "him."


   Reign, I am just so thrilled that there is a new show that I'm now hooked on. If you like queens, kings, forbidden romance and beautiful renaissance type costumes, this is a show that will mesh with you.


 My final favorite for today is going to be Twinnings English breakfast tea. The name itself describes it completely, and I find it's just enough caffeine to give me the pick up I need without the shakes I hate later...
 That's it for me! For more fav's head on over to the Moxie Wife!

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