Thursday, October 17, 2013

Robots and growth charts

This morning when I woke up I was greeted by this:
What in the world is that you may be wondering? Well to the ordinary person it is a well balanced tower of VHS's. But to my very imaginative little boy Jason it is in fact a robot. Jason will be three on December 4th, and right now his ultimate favorite thing in the whole world are robots. Judging from the size of this particular "VHS robot", because there have been many, I'm pretty sure Daddy helped him out just a bit. I walked around on edge all morning nervous for the poor soul who might accidentally bump the robot tower. Which would inevitably send all the VHS's crashing to the ground, causing a lot of racket and a very distraught two year old. Oh yes, please excuse the bike in the background. You're probably wondering "why in the world does she allow that?" Well I'll tell you, it's because around here I go by the circus approach, fun entertaining and besides what else are lenolium floors good for??
 Yesterday I had miss Lucy's six month checkup. She's actually seven months old, but due to the round of sicknesses we had last month she was just now seen. Developmentally she's doing fine, but growth wise she's only on the 8th percentile. I really felt a moment of déjà-vu when the doctor was telling me that she had dropped off her growth curve. "Not again!" "This one doesn't even spit up!" I looked at the chart on the computer and sure enough, she was originally in the 45th at two months, then 25th at four months and now 8th at seven months. The doctor asked if she was eating, which she has been doing for the past month and a half. She then gave me strict instructions to no longer feed her anything except breast milk. 

  I think I just have to accept that one of my crosses as a mother is the feeding and nutrition of my children. Because with all three of my children there have been struggles and issues. I guess I was hoping that Lucy would be my baby to break the cycle. But alas, that is not to be. So last night I went out alone with only Lucy and bought a bottle and formula. I'm not going to wean her yet, instead I'm going to start off giving her an added supplement at night to help boost her growth. The doctor didnt actually advise this, but the doctor doesn't know all I went thru with Jason before this was the only thing that worked. I can't help but wonder what the average 50th percentile "normal" baby looks like. I seem to know of a lot of huge babies who are in the 90th percentiles but not any 50th percentile babies. Just last night on a walk with the kids I met the cutest little three month old baby girl, I couldn't believe how big she was for only three months. Her father told me she was already 17 lbs and could barely fit into six month clothes. Geeze Louise. I was tempted to ask if she was formula fed, but decided against the idea as I had just met this man. Can't have a complete "male" stranger know I'm insecure about my quality of breast milk. 

 I'm hoping and praying that supplementing does the trick and she doesn't fall off her growth curve any further. We shall see... she must "increase," and I must "decrease."

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