Friday, October 18, 2013

Quick takes


    So excited that today is Friday! Bella's home today because its a teacher planning day. She and Jason have been running around playing together all morning and I love it! It probably will end with the typical sibling fights and tantrums, but for now it's total sibling bliss. 


   Last night I went solo with the kids to Bella's fall fest at her school. While the kids had a grand old time partying it up, I was feeling less festive on account of the prices of stuff. Ten dollars for a hotdog!! Craziness!! Also as you entered they had tables set up selling "tickets" for games. It was either a dollar a ticket, or six tickets for five dollars. Naturally I got the impression that this meant that games would require tickets...So with great reluctance I forked over a ten dollar bill to purchase twelve tickets. Long story short, none of the of the games required tickets, only the dunking booth. I began to entertain the idea of embarrassing myself and asking for a refund sinse my kids didnt need them. The single Angie of long ago would have never asked for a refund, but the married mother Angie put frugality before awkwardness. And that's just what is was, awkward and embarrassing. After the ticket refund we headed over to the dance party portion. It was now dark and the dj had a disco ball with colorful lights shining everywhere. Bella has inherited her love of dance and natural rhythm from her father. She had a blast. Only it was there on the dance floor that the kids caught sight of children running around with glow sticks and necklaces. Can you guess where this is going? You could only buy a glows stick with a cash, no exceptions. Even though the kids were being good about not getting a glow stick I felt guilty and therefore gathered my courage to go embarrass myself again. The smile on their appreciative faces, definitely worth the crazy looks I got at the ticket table. 

     Supplementing is going...okay-ish. I'm hoping that it gets easier, right now it's a battle of the wills to get her to take it. So far she's had one bottle a day; I'm hoping to increase to two bottles a day soon.

    TV season is now in full swing; and I must admit I'm enjoying it immensely. For the longest time the only shows I watched were on Netflix, most of which are not that great anyway. The shows I'm into may not always be the best...but most of them Jay and I can watch together. It's nice to put the kids down at 8:00 and know that we can relax and watch a show together without a million interruptions. 
     With Halloween getting closer and closer I think it's time to go out and by the "in case we get tick-or-treaters" candy. One year I waited until the day of...couldn't find candy anywhere! I think I ended up buying a bag of regular Hershey kisses.

  Also planning to go out in the near future and take advantage of Walmarts zero down layaway for Christmas. I am not a last minute kind of gal, I prefer to know things are there on hold instead of hoping they don't sellout.


  Plans for this weekend are very simple, go on a walk each day. And try to say the family rosary together at night. Both although not equal in importance get pushed to the wayside all to often in our lives. That's it for me! 


  1. Hope you had a great weekend! I always hate those festivals where you have to plop down all this money for games, etc. I try to avoid them.

    I tagged you for a Scrumptious Blog Award (from my blog).


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