Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Very Late WIWS,

What I Wore Sunday linkup
Linking up for the first time with Flap for "What I wore Sunday." So here it is, along with what Lucy wore Sunday. I just noticed that both Lucy and myself have a slight head tilt thing going on

 We'll start with my outfit first since it's much more of a mish-mash outfit. 

 Little black sweater: Macy's on sale bought for my brother in-laws wedding 
 Blue Silky Shirt: consignment shop 
 Black Skirt: thrifted 
 Black Shoes not seen in picture: Ross 
 Now for Miss Lucy, Red Polka Dot Headband: set given to her from a shop called "Jack & Jill"
 Red polka dot Romper: also from Jack& Jill 
    I've noticed that other bloggers give a grade of overall behavior for their kids from mass so I'll do the same. Bella....I think I'm being very generous by awarding her a B-. Her behavior wasn't the worst, however she had a few too many "moments" for what a five year old should have. 
 Jason Jr: C+ Jason gets knocked down to a C for two offenses. First, climbing underneath chairs in the cry room. And secondly for running like a heathen back from the childrens blessing.
 Lucy: C-...I can't believe I'm giving Lucy the lowest grade! But for some reason she just decided she did not want to be at church, and she vocally let everyone know. Hence the C- for talking loud, fussing and trying to "sing" over all the responses.
 Jay: A++ I'm not trying to be a condescending wife by putting my husband on the grading scale. But he deserves some recognition for being so helpful with the kids in mass today. Couldn't have done it without him. He even lugged them all down for the childrens blessing that we are usually so worn out for we both try to get out of.

  Side note, the ushers and elderly will hunt you down if you try to skip out on the childrens's as if its under pain of sin. 

  Getting into the spirit of fall in southwest Florida is somewhat of a challenge...The vegetation is still just as green as ever, and there are no beautiful trees changing colors. Not to mention the warm foggy feel of the constant humidity and heat. How is miss that cool crisp feeling of waking up on a fall morning and requiring warmer clothes to shorts and flip-flops...*sigh.* Last night I did what I could to have a normal fall evening, I made split pea soup, and home-made pumpkin bread. For more WIWS head on over to.flap!

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  1. Ha, I so remember htose children's blessings where the ushers and the elderly hunt you down if you don't take your kids up. LOL It was too funny, especially because my son NEVER wanted to go up.


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