Thursday, October 10, 2013

Facebook Illusion

Almost everybody and their mother, and their mothers "chicken" are on Facebook these days. I myself have been a user of Facebook for the past six years of my married life. I have had three babies, five moves, lived in three states all while on Facebook. 
I have been known in the past for sharing the typical "cute" baby photos, or prized Christmas shots. But overall I think my friends will agree that my albums are few and far between compared to some of my Facebook peers. Why is this I have wondered? I take pics of my kids like all the time, really if they do any thing even slightly cute I snap it up! However I rarely really take the initiative to make up a real Facebook album to share them with my online friends. Part of the reason I know is nothing more than sheer laziness, but another maybe even bigger part is falling prey to the Facebook illusion. I don't know if its just me, but often times I find myself wondering if I'm the only mama out there who sometimes doesn't get dressed until noon? Or if I'm the only one who's house falls apart on a daily, dare I say "hourly" basis. 

   Now I know no one wants to post pictures of a messy house or unruly wild children, but I have to say it makes me smile when people do! The reason I feel this way is because I can totally relate with chaos and that ever ongoing struggle to stay afloat. Being a stay at home mom is a vocation that gets a lot of slack from today's society. I have heard people refer to being a stay at home mom as almost a "condition," instead of a vocation. Really! It's like developing diabetes or something, "marry young and have a lot of kids and you might find yourself a stay at home mom." 
   I guess the point I'm trying to articulate is that with all the negativity out there, who needs Facebook adding to it? Even if its not done intentionally? Encouragement is probably one of the best ways we can be charitable with our online friends. Instead of constantly trying to one-up the overvachievers out there why don't we try to appear less perfect and more real? I'm not talking about airing our dirty laundry, oh no. Definitely not. But its a shame to think that many of my fellow post partum mom friends feel ashamed to post pictures with their post baby bodies. And I'm no exception, I have felt awkward and winced at my fair share of post baby pictures. 

  In the future I'm going to try to post what I want to share, not just what I want people to see. Because being a good witness to family life, or just a good friend starts with being honest. Nobody's perfect no matter what they post or share on Facebook.


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