Monday, October 28, 2013

Children's Museum, and a wolf

 Another weekend has come and gone....*sigh.* The good thing is that we managed to get some fun things in. First was our Saturday morning trip to the childrens museum trick or treat, for members only. Very prestigious trick-or-treating. The hours of the event were 8:00 am to 10:00 am, which meant that we would be getting up at our typical 7:20 am. I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I am not a morning person, at all. So the idea of rising early on Saturday morning and rushing out of the house to go trick or treating was not very appealing. But for the kids who talk about trick or treat all year I knew this one I couldn't miss. And besides I love to dress them up and take them out, they're usually candy magnets. And since I'm the head of the candy patrol in our house, I benefit from their loot. 

 The trick or treat was very well organized with little tables set up throughout the museum handing out Naples style treats...By Naples style treats I am referring to all things NOT candy. Tops, tattooe's, bouncing things and pencils are the type of things they handed out. There were only two tables that handed out a "version" of candy which equalled one organic lollipop, and one Yuppy style lollipop. After the kids got over the initial shock of not getting candy they had a great time. They even got to pet a real life wolf! In the outside section of the museum there was a table with people from some sort of wolf rescue organization. They had a big banner with a sad looking wolf as well as flyers all about what they did for wolves. Along with a live in the flesh real wolf! I was quite intimidated even though he was on a leash, but the kids weren't afraid at all! Bella and Jason went right up to him and pet his fur. The fatherly part of Jay couldn't believe they had a wolf there for kids to pet, one of which was dressed up as a little lamb. And the lawyer part of him couldn't believe they would risk a potential mishap with the wolf resulting in a quite large lawsuit. 
 I noticed one woman in particular talking to the wolf rescue man, she seemed to be listening in awe at whatever he had been telling her. Now I do not want to come off the wrong way, I respect zoos and humane societies just as much as the next person. And I think that animal help agencies have their place for sure. I just get a little weirded out at the "level" of importance they seem to have in our society. I couldn't help but wonder what would happen if someone set up a "baby" rescue table. On the hypothetical table could be pamphlets on the evils of abortion and the beauty of adoption. There could even be a baby volunteer to be there live for people to see and maybe even touch. I wonder what kind of response a table like that would get in the average public place? Would people be as excited to help the babies as they would be to help the wolves? I'm not trying to be deep or sad, this is just something that I started thinking about after seeing the reaction that people had to a once wild animal in a childrens museum. 

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