Monday, October 14, 2013

Bowling alley or bust

Monday, how have you snuck up on me again? Here it is Monday and I didn't get any of my dreamed of weekend projects completed. Although this is not totally due to my less than desirable time management skills, a certain seven month old is also to blame...

"Hi my name is Lucy"
"I enjoy long rides on my mommy's hip"
"Pulling my brothers hair"
"And I refuse to sleep any where but in my mothers bed"
"I am also ridiculously cute, and can make all sorts of cute facial expressions and baby sounds"
"Can you guess? I get away with a lot."

  Oh yes she does. But I just can't help giving in, she certainly has her mama wrapped around her baby finger, and the screaming is also very persuasive. What can I say, I'm a pushover when it comes to cute babies. 

  In other news, we went on our first family trip to a bowling alley this past Friday night. It was a moot court social activity, and children were suppose to be welcome. Jay really wanted to go and insisted that the kids would be fine even though it started at the horribly late hour of,wait for it...7:00 pm. But I was embracing my inner stubbornness that can only be equated to a five year old who refuses to try something "new." And to think I wonder where my kids get it! Yet after a lot of convincing and encouragement from some of my more experienced mom friends I decided to put on a brave face and go to this wild 7 pm bowling night. 

  My inner fears and excuses for not wanting to attend are as follows: whiny tired children, screaming over tired baby, whiny over tired mommy, my husband somehow getting so caught up in the game that I'm abandoned with my kids in the dark alley and one of them gets away from me and winds up back where the pins go after they're cleared...dirty bowling shoes...and also being introverted I would have to make small talk with single-skinny law students...I think that sums it up. 

 Jay got home that Friday afternoon around 3:45, and it took almost two whole hours to get us all cleaned up and presentable so we could make it. We arrived exactly on time (one of my best qualities,punctual  to a fault) and were delighted to see that one of the other married law students was already there with her two little girls. The kids had no idea what bowling was, and I think when we entered via a bar with very soft lighting they began to get nervous. Isabella was in luck because the married law students five year old happens to be in her same kindergarten class. So she warmed up to the whole venture immediately. I have to say it was adorable when the little girl came up and hugged Bella grabbing her hand saying, "Come on Izzy."

 I decided not to bowl, I thought it more practical for me to be in charge of all things off the wood of the bowling lane. So that left Jay being the one to help them direct the ball and prevent running on the slick wooden floor. And I have to say that overall the night was a smash hit. Jason Jr. especially loved bowling, his little face lit up in sheer joy every time he had the thrill of rolling the ball down the lane. 

  We really didn't mingle much with the non-married law students, they bowled in a lane without bumpers. If they had needed bumpers I would really be worried about the future reputation of the law school...The only negative part of the whole evening was the upset stomachs that we all developed, I blame it on the bowling alley pizza. And really, we can't expect bowling alleys to have great quality pizza, it's a place of night time recreation, no one goes there to eat. 

  The rest of the weekend flew by far to fast, and I really can't think of anything else monumental to write about. So I guess I'll end this post and go get started on the stuff I didn't do this past weekend.


  1. Hi Angie! How did I miss you blog?? Anyway, glad the bowling alley went fun. I can totally relate to the feelings of insecurity around all the skinny law students. Anyway, glad it worked out and there was another family there! Hope you are enjoying your last year of law school.

  2. Hi Amelia! I actually started it back in April, but didnt keep it up. So now I'm trying again! How are you guys?

  3. Yes I agree! I didn't know you had a blog! Great to keep up with y'all!

  4. Bowling with Law students, you are brave! And I love how Lucy has you wrapped around her finger, we are in the same boat :).


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