Monday, April 15, 2013

The banquet

 Well, last night was a success! Although it didn't start off that way. No, it started off a complete disaster where I spent the first hour almost inside the bathroom. Although I must say, if you have to be in a bathroom for an hour with a fussy overstimulated baby,this was the one to be in. It was the dry your hands with a neatly folded fluffy miniature towel kind of bathroom. Lucky enough for the breast feeding mom I am currently they had a comfortable soft chair and a changing table with complimentary wipes! It's kind of sad I left the ultra luxurious country club appreciating most the complimentary wipes. I guess we appreciate what need is met most efficiently. Instead of a refreshing cocktail with a speedy delivery into my hand, I appreciate soft free baby wipes. After the tireless hour I spent trying to calm poor little Lucy I finally resolved to hand her over to Jay. I missed the social hour and the appetizers, and dinner was starting as well. Wouldn't you know fifteen minutes outside with daddy and she's out for the night!

     The rest of the evening was quite enjoyable. I was able to thoroughly enjoy my three course prime rib dinner. I even indulged in a much needed glass of white wine.

Jay didn't really give me any type of idea what the evening would consist of. So after dinner they started the award and acknowledgement ceremony. I was surprised to hear my husbands name announced twice! He then went up received his certificates and was photographed with the other members receiving acknowledgements. Luckily I had brought my camera and captured what truly was a Kodak moment of him standing with his fellow moot court team in the spotlight. The banquet was actually an eye opening experience for me. For the first time after all the pain and suffering that he's been through and we've gone through as a couple, I was able to see him amongst his peers. Peers that are also hard working and most of which are impressively accomplished. I realized what he's up against, and how being married with children and compteting against students who arent must be extremely difficult. I'm very proud of all Jay  has accomplished, at the end of the day he has done his best. And when the days are long and money is stressing me out, I have to remember these moments of clarity. Because in the end it is worth it, and my husband in serving his future as a lawyer is in turn serving us, his family.


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