Thursday, April 11, 2013

Getting started

No one is probably as new to the world of blogging as me. I tend to be one of those people that do things late...or just after the initial fad period is over. However as a stay at home mommy who doesn't get out much, blog reading has quickly become a favorite couch sitting/nursing pastime.

Rather spur of the moment I decided I should start a blog! What a great way to remember our ever transitioning lives. As I said, I tend to do things a little late. Hence my husband is starting his final year of law school in the fall, and my eldest child is going to be turning five already. But hey! Better late than never! Writing has sadly not been a usual practice since well, college days...Sooo, this is going to be a just for fun blog. No lofty over your head philosophical impressive writing here...Just simple mommy talk! Might be kind of boring, my two year old has only been sitting with me for three minutes and he's already snoring! Oh well, bright side no wrestling him into taking a nap! Win, win!

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