Friday, April 12, 2013

A Trip to the Doctor & A "Banquet Dress"

 The day began with a mid morning trip yet again to the pediatrician for Lucy. Only being a month old, I was concerned with how much congestion and mucous she was having, sorry t.m.i.  Nevertheless with the weekend fast approaching it was now or never, or at least not until Monday. Turns out she is doing just fine and things are looking the way they are suppose to look...Don't get me wrong I'm overjoyed she doesn't have to be introduced this early to the vicious cycle of antibiotic medicines. Yet I now feel bummed she was in a germ filled doctors office with all the other sick last minute procrastinaters. Oh well! I followed my mommy compass, and hopefully Lucy won't suffer another illness because of it.

 After we got the clear from the doctor I was free to start my next mission, finding the perfect, let me rephrase that...."any" appropriate "banquet dress." My husband is on the moot court team for the law school. Tomorrow is their annual "Banquet," and because I was busy this past month healing from major surgery (c-section)  I haven't been out to do what I actually dread doing, shop. Shopping is actually something I enjoy doing, when it's for anyone else in the family but me. After having now three babies, my body doesn't exactly pull off what looks young and "chic." Yet the mature or "old lady" section doesn't quite feel right either. Luck is the key factor of my shopping success, when I have it. Three stores in, I finally landed a dress! Problem is, I'm not quite sure if its exactly "Banquet" appropriate. I'm sadly still shy of shedding the baby weight from my other kids, although amazing as it is I've lost all the Lucy weight!
 A big thank you to my wonderful husband for babysitting all three kiddies so I could go out and shop! Without his kindness I would never have found anything! Instead I would have returned home with toys we don't need that had to be bought as a bribe to coax my children out of the store. Not that that's ever happened before....

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